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I remember when I had an ear problem, it wasn't funny at all. I felt that I was partially deaf.

It was so painful and it affected my throat too. I couldn't speak properly and I couldn't even hear myself when I spoke. I wondered if people could hear me and it was so distressing not to be able to hear myself.

It was not funny during that period. I remember attending choir practice then, I struggled to hear the song the choirmaster was teaching, I could hear so little. I tried singing, but I couldn't correctly translate words to sounds. It was annoying and distressing, tears gathered in my eyes, so I got up and left the practice, back to my hostel and I cried.

It was as though my life was at a standstill. If you have ever had this kind of experience, you'll understand what I'm saying better. Nothing people did matter to me anymore, all I wanted at that moment was to treat that ear problem and start hearing properly.

Sincerely, I began to ignore people since I couldn't hear them.

How can I continue to live without hearing properly?


How can you effectively live your life as a Christian with an ear defect? How would you be able to hear what your father in heaven is saying to you per time?

You are supposed to live your life according to instructions from heaven and instructions can come at any time.

If you're not living by God's instructions, you're not living at all.

Instructions from God are supposed to make us thrive. But you have a hearing impairment, how do you intent to thrive?

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